• amigurumi & dryflowers

    amigurumi & dryflowers

  • amigurumi doll

    amigurumi doll

  • wedding display

    wedding display

  • amigurumi key ring

    amigurumi key ring

  • princess dress

    princess dress

  • amigurumi rabbit & temari Lace threadof

    amigurumi rabbit & temari Lace threadof

  • Vintage Cloth Children's Clothing

    Vintage Cloth Children's Clothing

  • amigurumi doll

    amigurumi doll

  • PUPU in Paris

    PUPU in Paris



Welcome!"PUPU布布" is a handmade brand of mother and daughter born in Japan. Please enjoy the lovely world of "PUPU布布" woven by the collaboration of lace thread amigurumi, cloth and flowers ♪